Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Half Moon Cover Contest

For the release of her cover, Jordan Deen is throwing a huge giveaway, and to win, you get to participate in a scavenger hunt (very fun). Here are the rules from Jordan herself:

1) You must follow the ‘map’ of blogs listed below to get to the treasure. If you go out of order, your sentence will be wrong and you’ll be disqualified!

2) You must follow each of the bloggers and you must log into my website (from the home page click on Log in using Facebook or you can set up a new member profile)

3) You must comment each of the bloggers websites.

4) You must retrieve a word (or words) from the excerpt of ‘Half Moon’ that is posted on each of the websites.

5) After you have all your words, return to this post and leave me a comment telling me what you think about the second chapter of ‘Half Moon’ and the cover! That’s right! If you follow each of the blogs in order, you will get to read the entire second chapter of ‘Half Moon’ for free! (You can read chapter one by selecting the ‘Half Moon’ tab to your left)

6) Once you have commented this post, please send an email to: info@jordandeen.com giving me the sentence that your words form.

*******If you post the sentence in your comments on this post- YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED and your comment will be deleted.*******

Here’s what is in the Treasure Chest:
‘Half Moon’ Swag (sorry, no ARC’s yet!)
$25 B&N Gift Card
Sparkly Jewelry Box

And the biggest prize of all:
A awesome USB/Digital Video Camera!

One lucky person will win all of the above. Winner will be chosen by randomizer.org. If you want extra entries, please post about the Scavenger Hunt on your blog, twitter, facebook, etc. Make sure you leave the URL in your comment so I will credit you with the extra entry.

Here is your ‘Map':

1) www.NarrativelySpeaking.com
2) www.Totalbookaholic.blogspot.com
3) www.FireandIcePhoto.blogspot.com
4) www.ReadingTeen.net
5) www.FlippingPagesforAllAges.blogspot.com
6) www.Bibliophilicbookblog.com
7) www.Courtney-Reads.blogspot.com
8) www.AlexReadsBooks.blogspot.com
9) www.SimpleLoveofReading.blogspot.com
10) www.MyOverstuffedBookshelf.blogspot.com
11) www.Frenzyofnoise.blogspot.com
12) www.YAAddict.blogspot.com
13) www.Theleosden.blogspot.com
14) www.JASouders.blogspot.com

Go here to follow the scavenger blogger trail and to enter!

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